The 2020 Living Planet Index shows that global populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish have suffered an average 68% decline in less than half a century (from 1970 to 2016). The main cause of this dramatic decline is habitat loss and degradation, including deforestation, driven by how we as humanity produce food. Nature powers industry and enterprise but we are using up ‘natural capital’ and degrading natural systems faster than nature can replenish and restore them, exceeding Earth’s overall bio capacity by 58% according to Ecological Foot printing. Over this decade, we have an incredible opportunity to make an ambitious global commitment to restore nature through the New Deal for Nature and People. We believe that people and nature can thrive together – we all have a part to play. Only a global coalition of the willing can make all this happen. In order to address those challenges, African Network of Young Leaders for Peace and Sustainable Development set in 2020 the New deal for Nature and people Coalition of civil society organizations. Under the leadership of African network of Young Leaders for Peace and Sustainable Development, African youths and civil society organizations have drafted and started the implementation of two regional position papers on COVID19 and pandemics and towards a strong post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework for a green growth resumption in Africa and in the world. The ND4NPC Best practices booklet aims to valorise best practices of civil society organisations in this frame. The ND4NPC booklet will be issued every trimester of the year.